Frequently Asked Questions:



What is Casta Cigars?

  • Casta Cigars is the flagship brand of THT Cigars USA in cooperation with Trans Heritage Tobacco of the Dominican Republic.  All of our blends previously existed under the J. Castañon Signature Series and our protected by FDA grand-father laws.

The bands on the cigars I purchased look different than the photos on the website.  What gives?

  • We are constantly looking to improve our brand image.  The pictures you see were photographed with the original prototype designs.  We have since revised and upgraded our colors and printing technique.  Your cigars will be clearly marked regardless of which color band you see on the packaging.  Thanks for understanding.

I recognize these blends, where have I seen them?

  • If you've ever smoked the iconic J. Castañon Signature Series from Trans Heritage Tobacco, you have smoked a Casta Cigar. All of our blends were previously branded using a simple red and black band, featuring the signature of J. Castañon.

How can I get a sample or information for my retail shop?

Will you have new blends soon?

  • Due to restrictions passed by the FDA, we are currently limited to our blends already registered with the FDA.  We hope to release new blends as soon as realistically possible.

When are these cigars available?

  • Our cigars are available now, with the exception of the bands that you see advertised on the website.  Those will be available no later than 2/20/2017. You are welcome to order cigars now, but please be aware they will ship with our old J. Castañon Signature bands. Thank you for understanding as we progress with this exciting new look.

I already have a salesperson, how do I give them credit for a sale?

  • Upon adding an item to your cart, a prompt will ask you if anyone has helped with your sale.  This is where you may enter that person's name.  We appreciate the hard work of our salespeople and want them to receive proper acknowledgement. 

How do you ship?

  • For orders less than 4 cigars, we use USPS First Class Mail.  For more than 4 cigars we use USPS Priority Mail.

How soon can I expect my cigars?

  • When your order is in stock, we ship all orders within 5 business days or your shipping fee is refunded. 

How do I get free shipping?

  • Please enter promo-code "ship100" during checkout for free shipping on any orders over $100.

Can I sell cigars for Casta?

  • We are always looking for enthusiastic salespeople to help grow our brand. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch.