Jesus Castañon

Jesus Castañón was born and raised in Cuba, He learned and perfected the art of rolling cigars at the most renowned cigar factory in the world, Cohiba. When Jesus left Cuba, he brought his rolling skills to the United States. He spent time rolling at Demuth's Cigar Shop in Lancaster, PA and currently owns Hain's Pipe and Tobacco in York, PA.  After spending some of 2012 in the Dominican Republic, Jesus and the entire Casta / THT Cigar family created a cigar studio where rollers are treated as artisans,  The cigars are totally rolled by hand - as it is still done in his native Cuba today. 


Jacob Hammill

Jacob was appointed president of THT Cigars in 2016.  His first priority for the company was the development of THT Cigars' new flagship brand, Casta.  It was important to him that the blends already familiar with J. Castañon's signature series were perfectly preserved in creation of this new brand.  If you've smoked one of our cigars in the past, you'll notice the product is untouched.