A quick word on updated band colors.


I wanted to take a quick second to comment on changes to colors of the new bands.  Our Brazilian line features the green, blue, and silver bands.  This line includes the Chucho, Mareba, and Sombra (Corona).

The Puro is the only cigar to feature the blue, white, and gold band.

Our best-selling Fusion is wrapped in an off-pink, orange, and bronze band.  This same band is used for our panatela, the Cuerda

All of this will be old news once we complete the rebranding effort, which will feature bottom bands that say which is which, and a revolutionary new box design that we cannot wait to unveil.

One quick note - if you remember the old J. Castañon Signature bands that were black with a red signature, it is somewhat easy to match up the new styles.  The old bands had a bottom band that said which blend, and we've carried over the same names for ease of comparison.  The Fusion was clearly marked on the previous band style.  If you had a J. Castañon with only band up top, and no mention of the word "Fusion" - then you had a Puro, Pre-Embargo.



Jacob / President

Jacob Hammill