LA Photoshoot

We had the pleasure last year of traveling to Los Angeles to test new ideas for the look and branding of the company.  The connection between the sunny skies of California and the summer tobacco fields of Brazil, or the warm air of the Dominican Republic, felt extremely harmonious. Los Angeles felt like a natural habitat for a Casta Cigar.

The photographs we took explored the connection of the cigar and nature.  We deeply respect the origin and beauty of the tobacco plant - something we honored by incorporating as much flora as possible within the photoshoot. 

I'd like to personally thank everyone that helped make this shoot possible.  I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as we do. (Gallery)


Photographer: Andrew Swartz

Art Director: Dylan Hammill

Lighting: Joe Lee

Concept: Joe Giuffrida

Models: Chris Tschupp & Paige Elkington

Hair/Makeup: Erin Blinn

Jacob Hammill